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About Singtel TV

Making everything you enjoy even more exciting

Singtel TV is a Pay-TV service that lets you enjoy world-class entertainment in the comfort of your home or on the go. Our subscribers enjoy excellent picture quality and sound, innovative features that complement your viewing experience, and an extraordinary array of HD channels, programmes, movies and on-demand content. Packed with hours of entertainment for everyone in the family, you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere with the Singtel TV GO app for mobile devices.

Click on the following sections and discover the possibilities that await you:

Rich Viewing Experience

The Full Glory of HD TV
  • Be enthralled by high resolution, crystal clear images.
  • Richer colours and more lifelike images.
  • Widescreen movie experience that delivers images in 16:9 aspect ratio that makes for more realistic viewing.
Superior Sound Quality
  • Indulge in a full cinematic sound experience with Dolby® Digital 5.1 Surround Sound

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Prime Time Anytime

Catch Your Favourite Programmes Anytime
  • HD DVR Set-Top Box
    • Watch and re-watch your favourite programmes at your convenience.
    • Records over 110 hours of high definition programmes1
    • Up to 3 channels can be recorded at the same time2
    • Schedule recordings anywhere via Singtel TV GO app or online portal
    • Perform series and programme recording
    • Access recorded programmes on separate set-top box(es)3
    • Pause and rewind “Live” TV4
  • Complementary On-Demand Channels
    • Enjoy your favourite programmes at your own schedule with instant access to a wide collection of On-Demand shows and movies.
    • On-Demand channels are available as part of customers’ content subscription at no additional cost.
  • Singtel TV GO On-Demand Channels
    • Enjoy On-Demand channels anytime and anywhere with the Singtel TV GO app. Just download
      On-Demand programmes on your mobile devices and watch them on the go. Find out more
  • Rent Video On Demand (VOD) Movies
    • Conveniently access the latest blockbusters and US TV series, all available for rental and viewing 24/7 on Singapore’s largest VOD library. Enjoy amazing titles anytime on pay per view basis and in the comfort of your home. Find out more
Live Streaming via Singtel TV GO

Watch live streaming of selected channels on your mobiledevice, ranging from exhilarating BPL matches to the best of Asian programming, even when you are not at home5.Find out more

  1. Estimated recording hours of up to 112.5 hours for HD programmes.
  2. Only applicable with fibre connection and limited to 3 channels consisting of 2 HD channels and 1 SD channel.
  3. Only applicable with fibre connection and additional set-top box(es) needs to be on the same fibre network. Charges apply for additional set-top box(es).
  4. Subject to time of landing on channel and / or up to 90 minutes.
  5. Channels available on Singtel TV GO is in correspondence to your channel subscriptions on Singtel TV Set-Top Box. Access to channels via Singtel TV GO is free till 30 November 2015.

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Enjoy With Ease

Remote Control Guide
  • Video On Demand

    Press VOD button to access the largest and freshest VOD library in Singapore.

  • Recorded TV

    Press the RECORDED TV button to access your recorded programmes.

  • Quick Access Yellow Button
    • Catch-Up:
      Catch up on your favourite programmes by pressing the Quick Access Yellow Button.

      Eg. Press while on StarWorld HD (CH 301) to access StarWorld Play through Catch-Up.

    • More Eps:
      View all available episodes of the series with one click of the remote.

      Accessing More Eps feature on cHK (CH 510): If the More Eps feature is available for the series on cHK, the  Canto Audio icon will appear. Selected episodes will play in original Cantonese audio. 

    • Restart:
      Restart a movie that is already in progress so that you can watch it from the very beginning.

      Accessing Restart feature on cHK (CH 510): If the Restart feature is available for the movie on cHK, the  Canto Audio icon will appear. Selected movie will restart in original Cantonese audio. 

    • 4D/TOTO
      View the latest 4D, TOTO and SINGAPORE SWEEP results in this one-stop portal.

    • Recommended For You: Recommends you programmes based on your viewing habits and subscription plans.

    • Video On Demand store: Access to the largest and freshest VOD library in Singapore

    • Shares: Keep track of your investments on SGX.
      Find out more
  • Guide

    Press the GUIDE button on the remote to access:

    • Up to 14 days of programme schedules at the touch of a button
    • Programme synopsis
    • Cast and crew information
    • Other show times for a programme, where available
  • Last Watched

    Press the LAST button on the remote to access your last 5 browsed channels.

  • Enjoy the convenience of recording your favourite shows on the go, via the Singtel TV GO app or our online portal. Or, programme your DVR Set-top box to record an entire series, even if there are changes to its schedule. Find out more

Convenient access to Programme Guide on Singtel TV GO
  • Access the Electronic Programme Guide for schedules of your subscribed and favourite channels for the next 5 days on Singtel TV GO. Browse for what’s next without interrupting your viewing on the Singtel TV set-top box.

Favourite Channels
  • Set and manage your own favourite channels list to have quicker access to channels you want to watch. On the TV Guide, you can filter to see only your favourite channels. From there, you can see the programme schedule of your favourite channels for up to 14 days.

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