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Delight Customers with a wide variety of sports, lifestyle and news content!

Singtel TV is a revolutionary Pay-TV service for businesses that strives to delight customers with a wide variety of sports, lifestyle and news content.

  • Best in Sporting Action
    mio Stadium brings you the best of football with Barclays Premier League, while mio Sports brings you excitement from UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League and FOX SPORTS brings you other major sporting events, including US Open Golf, The Open Championship, Formula One, MotorGP, Australian Open, Wimbledon, and more.
  • Indulge in Lifestyle Entertainment
    Our lifestyle channels offer a luxurious array of entertaining programmes on food, drama, gossip, travel and fashion.
  • Engage in Latest News and Current Affairs
    Stay updated with our news channels which cover news and world affairs from both European and Asian perspectives.

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