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A. About Singtel TV

  • What is Singtel TV?
    Singtel TV lets users get a lot more out of their existing TV experience. It combines all the benefits of Pay-TV, Digital and HD TV, as well as the interactivity of Internet technology. Singtel TV enables you to have a two-way relationship with your TV, with you in full control.
  • How does Singtel TV work?
    Singtel TV is a next generation TV service whereby Internet Protocol (IP) signals are converted to enable the programmes to be viewed on your TV screen.

B. Eligibility

C. Signing up

D. Termination

E. TOS (Service Suspension)

F. Change of Subscription Plans

  • Am I allowed to change my channel for Basic Pack?
    Yes. You are given the flexibility to change your channel in Basic Pack, up to a maximum of twice a year.
  • Where can I change my channel subscription plans?
    You can change your channel subscriptions plans by calling our Business Hotline at 1606.
    Hotline operating hours:
    Monday to Friday: 8.00am to 6.00pm
    Saturday : 8.00am to 2.00pm
    Sunday & Public Holidays closed.

    The change will take effect three (3) working days later.
  • Will there be any charges?
    No. You are given the flexibility to change your channel package, up to a maximum of twice a year, at no additional cost. A small fee of $53.50 applies on your subsequent request.

G. Transfer of Ownership

  • Can I transfer my Singtel TV service ownership anytime?
    Yes, you can transfer your Singtel TV Service ownership at any point of your contract period and the transferee will continue with the balance of any Singtel TV Service Subscription period.
  • Do I have to pay if I need to transfer my Singtel TV ownership?
    An admin fee is applicable. If the transfer requires a change in address, a Relocation Fee also applies.
  • What are the procedures for Transfer of Ownership?
    An appointment will be made for SingNet authorised installer to install the Singtel TV service at the transferee’s office. The transferor is responsible to hand over the HD Set-Top Box(es) with the power adaptor(s), the remote control unit(s) and any other required accessories (for e.g. the ADSL2+ modem) to the transferee before the installation appointment. The transferee will be responsible for the HD Set-Top Box with the power adaptor and the remote control unit.
  • Does the owner of Singtel TV service need to be present when doing the transfer?
    Both the Transferor and Transferee, appointed by the company need to be present. All application needs to be accompanied by your company’s Business Registration Certificate (BRN), a letter of authorization as well as the NRIC of the authorization person appointed by the companies.
  • Where can I do transfer of Singtel TV service?
    Transfer of ownership can only be done at our business counter located at hello! Comcentre. Phone-in request will not be allowed.

H. Relocation

  • I am relocating my office to another premise. What are the arrangements for my Singtel TV service?
    Relocation of Singtel TV service can be done at our Business Counter at hello! Comcentre Stores or via our Business Hotline at 1606. We will arrange for an installation appointment. Please bring your HD Set-Top Box(es) with the power adaptor(s) and the remote control unit(s) and any other required accessories (for e.g. the ADSL2+ modem) to your new office before the installation appointment. There will be a Relocation Fee applicable.

I. Installation

  • Do I need to pay an installation fee? If so, how much?
    There will be a one time charge for Site Installation.
    For more information, please call our Business Hotline at 1606.

    Hotline operating hours:
    Monday to Friday: 8.00am to 6.00pm
    Saturday : 8.00am to 2.00pm
    Sunday & Public Holidays closed.
  • What are the basic requirements, such as equipment for installing Singtel TV services?
    Business customers must have the following for Singtel TV services:
    - a valid Singapore business or company registration number, and
    - a valid business or company registered telephone line

    The aforesaid telephone line must be registered under the Customer’s/Business or Company’s name. Otherwise, the customer must obtain the written approval of the registered subscriber of that telephone line in order to subscribe to Singtel TV service.Since the delivery of Singtel TV service/contents will be via a Singtel Business Telephone Line (DEL), a Singtel TV High Definition Set-Top Box as well as a Ethernet modem, these are the equipments that will be needed.

    1. One (1) Singtel Business Telephone Line (DEL) is required to support one (1) Singtel TV HD Set-Top Box and one (1) Ethernet modem.
    2. One (1) HD Set-Top Box is to be connected to one (1) TV set only.
  • Can Singtel TV for business work on PABX and IPVNP network?
    No, Singtel TV for business cannot work on PABX and IPVNP network.

J. Singtel TV Features

  • What is the Channel Guide?
    The Channel Guide is a TV Guide on the TV user interface. It provides you with an interactive interface to access comprehensive information about the current and upcoming programmes for all the broadcast channels of up to 7 days ahead. It is a simple interface that allows you to record* programmes (current or scheduled) with the touch of a button. Features in the Channel Guide include programme schedules, synopses, information about programme genres, cast and crew and programme durations. The Picture-In-Picture (PIP) function allows you a live preview of the channels in the Channel Guide.
    - Information may not be available for certain programmes.
    - Recording functions available on HD Set-top Box with Digital Video Recording Feature only.

    Some of the interactive features include:
    a. Scheduled recording (Please refer to What is Digital Recording or Personal Video Recorder (DVR) function)
    b. Configuration of your ‘Favourite/Most Watched’ channels
    c. Parental Control (Please refer to what is Parental Control?)
  • What does “Control of Live TV” means?
    This feature allows you to:
    Pause and/or Rewind to the time of channel access. Fast Forward again to the time of actual broadcast.
  • What is Digital Video Recording (DVR) feature?
    The Digital Recording function is an enhanced recording capability compared to that provided by VCR or DVD Recorders.
    It enables you to:
    a. Record Both High Definition and Standard Definition Channels
    b. Schedule recording of any SD broadcast programme of up to 80 hours (which is much longer than VCR or DVD-R media recording). You can schedule recordings of a show or a series of shows of the same title simply by double clicking on the particular title or time, instead of having to manually select the time slots each time.
    c. Schedule recordings of Broadcast and On Demand Channels programmes on your DVR remotely, by logging into our Singtel TV online portal

    Note: - Recording functions are available on Set-Top Boxes with DVR Feature only.
  • Can all channels be recorded?
    No, you can only record Free-To-Air channels, as well as Broadcast Channels that you have subscribed to.
  • Can I watch one channel and record another?
    Yes. You can record up to
    a. 2 Standard Definition channels while watching another Standard Definition Channel
    b. Or 1 High Definition channel and 1 Standard Definition while watching either
  • What is Parental Control? What are some of the features?
    The parental control feature allows suitable content or movie titles to be viewed by specific age groups. There is also a security access feature that you can activate to verify the application/subscription of all content.

    Some of the unique features of Parental Control are the ability to stop children from viewing certain live broadcast channels, recorded programmes and rented videos.
    Singtel TV provides you with the flexibility to configure your own PIN numbers for the following functions:
    a. Parental Lock to restrict viewing rights
    b. Rental Lock to restrict subscription of channels or rental of On Demand video titles.
  • What if I forget my Parental PIN?
    Please call our Business Hotline at 1606.

    Hotline operating hours:
    Monday to Friday: 8.00am to 6.00pm
    Saturday : 8.00am to 2.00pm
    Sunday & Public Holidays closed.

K. Remote Digital Video Recording

  • What is remote Digital Video Recording (DVR)?
    A Singtel TV service that allows you to schedule recordings of Broadcast and On Demand Channels programmes on your DVR, by logging into our Singtel TV online portal
  • Who can use remote Digital Video Recording (DVR)?
    Singtel TV customers who have subscribed to Digital Video Recorder (DVR) service can schedule TV recordings online through our Singtel TV online portal
  • Are there any additional charges for scheduling remote recordings?
    No, it comes with your subscribed Digital Video Recording (DVR) service.
  • Can all channels be recorded?
    No, you can only record Free-To-Air channels, as well as Broadcast Channels that you have subscribed to.
  • Can I record Video On Demand titles?
    No, you can only record Free-To-Air channels, as well as Broadcast Channels that you have subscribed to.
  • Can I record a show that's already started?
    Yes, you can. Remote DVR is based on real time.
  • Can I schedule remote recordings even when my set-top box or modem is off?
    Yes, your Set-Top Box and modem can be turned off when you are scheduling remote recordings online. However your set-top box and modem need to be switched on in order for your recordings to take place.
  • Can I delete recorded programmes from my playlist so I have space for a recording?
    Yes, you can delete the recorded programmes under “My Recorded TV” when you log in to our Singtel TV online portal at
  • Is online programme recording immediate?
    Singtel TV’s remote Digital Video Recording (DVR) service is based on real time. You can also record a programme that is already in progress.
  • Which are the supported Internet Browsers?
    Internet Explorer version 6 and 7
  • What settings do I need to do on my internet browser to access the remote DVR web portal?
    Before logging in to the web portal, do the following settings on your internet browser: Start your Internet Explorer and select “Tools” from the menu bar. Then select “Internet Options” followed by the “Security” tab

    From “Select a Web content zone to specify its security settings” field, select “Trusted sites”.

    In the “Add this Web site to the zone:” field, type “” and click on the “Add” button -> click on “OK” button to save settings.

    On the “Internet Options” page, click on the “OK” button to save the settings. Restart your browser and you can now start logging in to the DVR web portal.
  • How do I create a Remote Digital Video Recording (DVR) account?
    From your TV menu, scroll to Recorded TV, select Remote DVR, then choose Create Username. Enter the fields accordingly.

    New Username: enter 8 characters
    PIN: 6 to 8 digits password
    Enter Your PIN: re-enter the 6 to 8 digits password
    Click on the “Create” button to save new account.
  • How do I change my PIN/Username?
    Changing Username from TV Menu:

    From Create Username menu, re-enter the fields as you would for creating a new username, then click the “Change button”. (Refer to Create/Change Remote DVR account)

    Changing PIN from TV Menu:

    Select Change PIN from the Remote DVR menu. Enter the fields accordingly:
    Enter Your PIN: enter the new 6 to 8 digits password
    Enter Your PIN Again: re-enter the 6 to 8 digits password
    Click on the “Change” button to save.

    Changing PIN from Web Portal:

    Go in and select “Change PIN”. Enter the fields accordingly.
    Enter Old PIN: enter current PIN
    Enter New PIN: enter new PIN
    Enter your New PIN again: re-enter your PIN
    Click “change PIN” button to save.
  • What if I forgot my username and/or PIN? Can I call the hotline to find out?
    You can go to your TV interface to create a new username and/or PIN. For security reasons, our hotline will not have access to customers' username and PIN.
  • How do I record a programme?
    Click on the programme you wish to record and a pop-up window will display the programme details. Click on the icon to view the description of the program, and the icon to close the description field.

    To schedule a recording click on the “Record” button, and a confirmation window will pop up. ( Immediate recording, Scheduled recording)
  • Where can I go to view my recording schedule?

    Click on “My Recorded TV” tab to list the recordings scheduled.

    (From extreme right, first icon is to set lock/unlock state, middle icon is to cancel recording/stop recording/delete recording, last icon is to display information of the scheduled program.)
    To search your desired TV recording, enter the keyword in the “Search” field and click on the next button.
  • How do I manage my recording schedule?
    Click on “My Recorded TV” tab.

    Lock/Unlock recording:
    - Click on the “lock” icon to set the recording to be “Keep until I erase”.
    - Click on the “unlock” icon to “Keep until Space Needed”.

    Delete recording:
    From “My Recorded TV” tab, click on the “cross” icon to delete the recording.

    Stop recording:
    From “My Recorded TV” tab, click on the “red dot” icon .

    Search scheduled recording:
    Enter the keyword in the “Search” field and click on the next button.
  • Can I view and record channels I have not subscribed to?
    You can view and record Free-To-Air and your subscribed channels.
  • How do I seek technical help on remote DVR?
    Please call our Business Hotline 1606 and select technical helpdesk option.

    Hotline operating hours:
    Monday to Friday : 8.00am to 11.00pm.
    Weekend & Public Holidays : 9.00am to 9.00pm.

L. Connecting to Singtel TV

M. Others

  • What are the offerings on Singtel TV?
    Singtel TV has something for everyone, catering to viewers of all ages from all walks of life. Singtel TV offers the following :
    a. On Demand Channels
    b. HD programmes
    c. Quality channels
  • What are High Definition (HD) channels?
    High Definition Television channels are an advancement in TV technology; broadcasting on digital video format, and capable of displaying 16:9 aspect ratio images with resolution that is far superior and sharper than the current Analogue Television or Standard Definition Television. HD programmes will also be broadcast with full 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound where available.
  • What are the key features of HD?
    HD allows you to enjoy a widescreen movie experience on your TV. It does away with the traditional box format and allows a wide movie-screen experience as pictures are presented in 16:9 aspect ratio.

    Most TV sets today are manufactured using the 4:3 aspect ratio - 4 units wide by 3 units high. HD on the other hand delivers images in 16:9 aspect ratio. So you enjoy panoramic widescreen viewing that most closely emulates the human field of vision. To be exact, you enjoy 33% more screen view than your standard TV.

    The sharpness of your television image, or its screen resolution, is measured by the number of horizontal lines displayed on the TV screen. The more the lines and the higher resolution, the sharper the images are on your TV screen.

    HD-ready TV sets offer at least twice the resolution and four times greater detail, sharpness and clarity than standard TVs.

    You will have a totally different TV viewing experience, with theatre-quality pictures and cinematic sound effects in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound (where available).

    Properly decoded, each audio track can be isolated to individual speakers around your TV viewing area to recreate the multi-dimensional audio experience you get in the cinema, right in your living room.

    Singtel TV brings the widest and largest line up of HD programming in Singapore.
  • How do I enjoy HD channels?
    To enjoy HD channels, you will need:
    a. A HD-ready TV set
    b. Dolby® Digital Home Entertainment System (optional)
    c. Your Singtel TV HD Set-Top Box is already HD-enabled
  • Can I enjoy HD channels even if I do not have a HD-ready or HD TV?
    With Singtel TV, you can still enjoy the HD programmes in a 4:3 aspect ratio (with black trimmings).
  • Where can I find the detailed information and a synopsis of the video title?
    Detailed information on each title can be found on the Information Page of the particular video title. The Information Pageoffers you detailed information on the title such as price, synopsis, programme classification, genre, duration, episode number and title, directors and cast and available audio tracks.
  • Do the programmes have subtitles and dual sound? How would I know if this programme has subtitles or dual sound before making a purchase?
    Subtitles and dual sound would be available for some of the programmes. Subtitles in English would be available only for Asian films that are shown in a language other than English. Information on the availability of dual sound can be found on the Info Page of the programme, which you can access via the on-screen catalogue page.

  • What are the channels available on Singtel TV?
    There are a total of 34 channels:
    NDTV Good Times
    Granada TV
    BabyFirst TV
    ETTV Yoyo
    Astro Ria
    Astro Aruna
    Dragon TV
    KBS World
    Zee Channel
    Zee Tamil
    Kalaignar TV
    ETTV Asia News
    NDTV 24x7
    GMA Pinoy TV
    Deutsche Welle
    Australia Network
    mio Stadium
    STAR Sports
    STAR Cricket
    Asia Plus
    ETTV Asia
    Jetix on Demand ^
    HK & Taiwan Mei Ah Drama
    Astro World
    Mediacorp’s Free-To-Air Channels included by default
    # TRACE is not applicable to Hotels
    ^ Only available to education sector
  • What will be the broadcasting language for the different channels?

    High Definition Li English Language
    Entertainment NDTV Good Times English Language
      Granada TV English Language
    Kids & Family ETTV Yoyo Chinese (Mandarin) Language
      KIDSCO English Language
      BabyFirst TV English/Non Verbal/Mandarin Audio option
    Asian Dragon TV Chinese language
      CCTV 4 Chinese language
      Astro Aruna Bahasa Indonesia
      Astro Ria Bahasa Melayu
      KBS World Korean Language
      Zee Tamil Tamil language
      Zee Channel Hindi, English, Melayu Language
      Kalaignar TV Tamil language
    Music Zing Hindi/English Language
      Trace (Not for hotels) English Language
    News ETTV Asia News Mandarin Chinese-language
      CCTV 9 English-language
      NDTV 24x7 English-language
      Euronews 4 different languages (German, French, English and Italian)
    International GMA Pinoy TV Tagalog and English Language
      Australia Network English Language
      Deutsche Welle German and English Language
    Sports mio Stadium English Language
      ESPN English Language
      STAR Sports English Language
      ESPNEWS English Language
      ESPN HD English Language
      STAR Cricket English Language
    Chinese Entertainment ETTV Asia Chinese (Mandarin) Language
    Asia Plus Mandarin Language
    On Demand Channels HK & Taiwan Mei Ah Drama Mandarin Language
    Jetix On Demand (Only for Education Sector) English Language
      Astro World Bahasa Melayu/Indonesia

N. Cross Carriage of Pay TV Content

  • What does the cross carriage of content mean?
    The cross carriage of content would allow any "Qualified Content" acquired by a pay TV provider ("Supplying Qualified Licensee" or "SQL") to be supplied to other pay TV providers ("Receiving Qualified Licensee" or "RQL") who will broadcast it via their own set top box.

    There will not be a need to subscribe to another set top box device from the SQL.
  • What is Qualified Content?
    Any content acquired by the SQL on an exclusive basis after 12 March 2010 is deemed to be Qualified Content.
  • How do I sign up?
    To enjoy Qualified Content on an RQL set top box, you will need to subscribe to the Qualified Content directly with the SQL.
  • How much will I be charged for qualified content?
    The SQL will charge the same rates for the Qualified Content, regardless of the set top box used to view the content. However, there may be activation charge for non-SQL customers.

O. Cross Carriage FAQs - Premier League (PL)
     (For F&B and Corporate Customers only; Not Applicable for Hotels/Hospitals)