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Price Plan

Other Charges

1st Set-Top Box
HD Set-Top Box$4.90/mth
HD DVR Set-Top Box1$12.90/mth
Additional Set-Top Box
HD Set-Top Box$14.90/mth
HD DVR Set-Top Box1 $22.90/mth
Other Hardware
Ethernet Modem2Waived
Administrative Charges
Installation Charges$90.00
Service Activation Charges$32.10
Cancellation of service before service installation$16.05
Cancellation of service during installation$90.00
Transfer of Service Ownership$10.70
Service Call Fee$90.00/trip
Loss of Equipment or Replacement Charges
HD Set-Top Box$120.00
HD DVR Set-Top Box$220.00
HD Set-Top Box Power Adaptor$21.40
Remote Control$10.00

1 Limited to 1 DVR Set-Top Box per Singtel TV account

2 An Early termination Charge of $78 applies if service is terminated within 6 months

3 Not applicable for exPlore Home

Singtel TV Service must be delivered via a Singtel Telephone Line or a Singtel Fibre Service.
Each Set-Top Box requires one (1) Singtel Telephone Line and one (1) Ethernet Modem.
All prices are inclusive of GST.